Our apartments

For an intimate holiday in two

There is nothing better than a warm, welcoming room to help you experience and enjoy a few moments of pleasure with your partner. Our comfortable studio apartment provides the ideal location in which to explore different dimensions of your relationship.


Just like a second home 

Enjoy your holiday in South Tyrol in complete privacy, surrounded by an inimitable atmosphere.

Our ample, two-room apartments, with living areas and bedrooms, are the perfect place in which to unwind and pamper yourselves. The apartments can house 2 to 4 persons and two of them are available with a two floor layout (chalet-style), with two bathrooms, as well.


Holiday with all your family

Isn’t it nice to finally have some time for your family? So, why not spend your holidays together, under the same roof? Our three-room apartments provide plenty of space to live, read, play, and thoroughly unwind. You will be as snug as can be inside… while 1000 adventures are just waiting to happen outside!

for 4 until 6 persons

Apartment 4-6 persons

for 2 until 4 persons

Apartment 2-3 persons

for 1 until 2 persons

Apartament 1 person